I've put together this blog post on what I eat in a typical day since I get asked this a lot. So see below! 

Typically I start my day with a protein smoothie which consists of an avocado, banana, protein powder (usually from KIN Nutrition), and almond or cashew nut milk from Plenish. I always have a second breakfast mid morning which is either a salmon on gluten free toast or smashed avocado. 

I love to snack which typically tends to be a a Dynabite or some nuts with a piece of fruit. 

Lunch is either at home or out and about. It's ranges from protein based dishes such as meat and veg or a protein dish from itsu such as the chicken teriyaki salad. If Im at home I'll have bean or quinoa based salads with some meat and vegetables mixed in. 

I eat every 3-4 hours so I'll have another snack at about 4pm with a cup of tea! This will be a protein smoothie or some edamame beans or a protein bar again. Sometimes I snack on hummus and crudités or freshly pressed juice such as carrot and celery juice which is excellent for the adrenal glands. 

Dinner is usually at home and I cook. It will either be a chicken roast with all the trimmings, lamb shank or fish with quinoa, bean salad and vegetables. 

If you'd like to download a week's worth of my diet then click on the 7 day menu here.