3 years ago I collapsed in the park, climbed into bed and stayed there for 3 years. 

I couldn’t move, was paralysed by exhaustion and had miserable thoughts about packing it all in. 

Since then my life has done a 180 and I’ve been on a journey of discovery and recovery ever since. 

I can safely say that I am now totally healed and will never go back to that difficult place again. 

But there were somethings that I were pivotal in this recovery process. The first being support - no way could I have done this without loved ones around me. Food. The right stuff at the right time. REST! For sure and persistence. 

But one of the most marked changes came from the nutrients I took on a daily basis. (40 a day at one point!) 

Not so long ago I did a Hair Mineral Analysis test which measures the the ratios of different minerals in your tissues. My results came back TYPICAL of someone with burnout which follows these traits: 

High sodium and low potassium levels means that your adrenal glands are in a constant situation of stress. 

AND low levels of sodium and magnesium which means the adrenals are working insufficiently aka adrenal fatigue.

I was this pretty picture ;-) 

So what did I do? I took targeted nutrients to rectify my minerals and bring all levels back to normal reserve levels. 

The results? AMAZING! I can’t tell you how much this final piece of my recovery has been the missing link. I honestly feel SO energised, much more bouncy and sleeping incredibly well. 

So if you have a healthy diet, sleep well, rest a lot and want to take your health and your recovery of burnout to the extra mile then I highly recommend you take this test and follow the nutrient protocol provided. 

Usually this test costs £200 but because I really want you to see the benefits too Im giving everyone a discounted rate. The whole test and plan is only £69. 

But I only have a limited number of kits and really want them to go to the right people! So get in quick. If you want a kit just send me a message or email me directly on enquiries@missnutritionist.com

Yay! Excited for you