Most of you are probably eating out every day grabbing at least lunch and possibly breakfast as well. So I’ve scoured the market and come up with my top 5 health joints that are the best for the variety of choices and healthy options. 

1) Farmacy - Westbourne Grove

This place is just ‘wow’ on every count. The decor is cool and trendy. It’s full of cool kids who care about there health. The name is obviously very clever but it’s the food that really makes this place amazing with a desire to go back for more. 

The concept is plant based with an emphasis on a vegan and vegetarian diet. All dishes are free from dairy, refined sugars, addictive and chemicals. 

The menu is great because it features healthy comfort foods such as ‘The Pharmacy Burger’ and plant based ‘Ice cream Sundaes” 

All of the ingredients have been sourced from local, organic farms. 

Love it. Definitely the best health joint in town.

2) Timmy Green - Victoria

I’m obsessed with this place. The food is INSANE and if you go with some girlfriends you know you’re gonna be tagging some impressive flat lays. The menu has some great healthy options: Green Detox Smoothie and Vegan Nut Smoothie. Their breakfasts consist of Scrambled or Poached Eggs on Charcoal toast. And the lunch and dinner options range from Sashimi Salad to Paillard of Chicken with veg. Honestly my mouth is watering just reading the menu! 

But it’s the presentation that really knocks this place into one of the top spots. 

Each dish has ‘put together perfection’ syndrome and they really do have the wow factor. I mean just check out the soya matcha latte. Soo good!

The atmosphere is really cool and there is a lot of light in the restaurant so it feels fresh. 
Get in there guys. You will not be disappointed. 

3) Roots Juicery - Goodge Street

When I walked in here for the first time I was like ‘Wow’. Everything about this place really impressed me. The concept, the food choice, the presentation and the convenience.

It’s predominantly raw foods but they have meat options with their salads too such as fish, eggs and chicken. The protein choice is high (which is what I find most places lack) and everything is super fresh. 

They have rows of fridges as you walk in which offer green juices, smoothies and raw desserts for those with a sweet tooth that don’t want to have a sugar crash mid afternoon. 

The presentation of the food definitely comes with love and you feel like it’s individual and not churned out for the mass market. Lots of colours and pretty plates for a good instagram picture! 

Ask for Chantal. She's the owner. A Swiss lady who is SUPER sweet and has all the time in the world for you. 

Honestly, go and see for yourself. I love it ;-) 

4) Squirrel - Harrington Gardens South Kensington. 

Have you been here yet? The name has meaning the moment you walk in because there is a tree in the middle of the cafe and you instantly feel like a squirrel ;-)  

Jokes aside, the deli counter they have when you walk in is awesome and the lunch model they have is thus … 

Choose your base, choose your protein, pay and eat.

Good right? So that means you are in control of your diet. 

There is a huge array of vegetable and protein options that are nutrient dense and tasty at the same time. 

The branding is so cool. And different. And fun. Which makes it stand out. 

Definitely one to go and experience with your friends if you have more time on your hands. ;-) 

5) Pure - Various locations across London

There aren’t many chains out there that I like but Pure is definitely one of them. This is because the choice is really varied. There is so much goodness to choose from. It’s the type of place that really cares about your health because they offer things that we want like - coconut milk yoghurt with gluten free granola. And high protein foods like Super Egg Pots with avocado and Sorrento Chicken Salad. They have lots of vegetable options too that are high in nutrients such as Vegan Super Bowl and Deli Pots like Veg Out and A Bit Moorish (a falafel and humous snack pot) 

For dessert options, again they offer smart treats like Chia Me Up and Choc’Avo Mousse which are all made with natural sugars. 

How good is that!? Most places don’t offer that extra mile AND they have sparkling water on tap for free! Yeah. 

Obviously the multiple locations make it convenient for you. They are always super friendly the staff, no matter where you go and you don’t pay through the roof for your food!

Have a look at the nearest one near you